Is There Added Value in Hiring a Local Attorney?

The short answer is: yes, and for many more reasons than simply being located nearby. Which leads me to the long answer…

Accountability and Reputation

If you’ve lived in your area for some time, chances are you know somebody who’s familiar with the lawyer you’re interested in hiring. Asking for referrals and opinions from past clients is one of the best ways to figure out if the lawyer is reliable and easy to work with.

Proficiency in Local Laws

Local attorneys will have expertise in both state- and region-specific laws, particularly those that apply directly to your specific case. For people who are having landlord, tenant or zoning issues, this is especially important because most areas have fixed, strict laws regarding property. Plus, since your attorney will be immersed in the area, they should have no trouble staying on top of changing local laws, too.

Knowledge of Local Processes

Let’s say that all the laws within one state are exactly the same from region to region. Is there still a benefit to hiring a nearby lawyer? Absolutely. Local attorneys have extensive experience with area court systems, jurisdictions, court personnel and juries. Even details as simple-sounding as filing deadlines and hours of operation could move a case forward or hold it up for quite some time.

Relationships with Court Personnel and Other Attorneys

After working with the same attorneys, judges and court employees time after time, a local lawyer will know what to expect and the techniques that are commonly used. Since a local attorney will basically know what’s going to happen in advance, they can prepare ahead of time. Also, when an attorney presents in front of a judge who they’re familiar with, they can form their argument to appeal to the specific judge.

Relationships with Local Businesses & Professionals

Aside from knowing the people who will be part of the judicial process, local attorneys will also have knowledge of area businesses, professionals and landlords. Having first-hand know-how of town and companies may play a large role in your case.

At Angelino Law, we know how time consuming and confusing the process of hiring a lawyer can be. Area attorney Lorenzo Angelino will make any undertaking as painless and straightforward as possible. As a lifelong resident of Dutchess County, Angelino is ready to take on your case.

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