3 Interesting Real Estate Articles

Real estate seems to be a hot topic right now, from locals talking (and Tweeting) about it online to clients asking about their options. In today’s blog post, I’ve rounded up three interesting articles about the topic. Enjoy!

What Should Economic, and Real Estate, Development Look Like Upstate?

On Upstater.net, a blogger from our area talks about the proposed Belleayre resort. “Critics say it’s too much and too contained–the dollars spent there will benefit developers but not make their way down the mountain and into surrounding towns.” 

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How & When to Switch Real Estate Agents on DaveRamsey.com

“Real estate agents in general have an insanely high satisfaction rating. Nine in 10 buyers say they would work with their agent again or recommend them to others. “But there’s always the chance that you could be the one in 10 who ends up with a bad agent with problems far more troublesome than having to wait a day for a return phone call. We’re talking about some real deal-breakers…”

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How Can I Fight My Property Taxes? on Credit.com (originally from Money Talk News)

This blog post answers this question from a reader: “Do you have an article on how to fight property tax hikes? I feel like I’m being held hostage. I’m fighting my property assessment but feel that I am hitting a brick wall despite all the evidence I’ve been providing to the various government entities.”

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