Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage Makes History

There’s obviously one huge, gigantic piece of news in the world of law today & it seems silly to write about anything else for this blog post. Instead, here are a smattering of articles dedicated to today’s ruling.

From “Gays and lesbians celebrated historic gains Wednesday in their fight against laws limiting same-sex marriages, saying Supreme Court rulings overturning the federal Defense of Marriage Act and rejecting the appeal of a California marriage ban represent a ‘joyous milestone.'”

Continue reading “Supreme Court Rulings on Same-Sex Marriage Hailed as Historic Victory”

From “Justice Scalia read his dissent – it was fine stuff, right in the best tradition of a Scalia dissent, but I couldn’t help but feel that I was watching a man ineffectually watch the world change before his eyes, unaccustomed to being powerless to do anything about it.”

Continue reading “The Supreme Courts Holds That It Is Unconstitutional For the Government to Hate Gay People”

From the New York Times: Highlights, Updates & Polls from Today’s Ruling. Check out this Live Analysis of the Supreme Court Decisions on Gay Marriage.


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