10 Weird Laws You Won’t Believe Are Real

At Angelino Law, we may be major supporters of everything local, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see outside the Hudson Valley, either. Want to stay in good standing no matter where you travel? Heed these 10 incredibly strange laws from around the world.

1. If you’re a minor in South Carolina, don’t even think about getting anywhere near a pinball machine. You have to be a grownup in the eyes of the law in order to play this apparently dangerous game.

2. In Daytona Beach, Florida, it’s illegal to “expectorate” (spit) in public buildings. “That’s not that weird. Actually, it’s kind of nice.” Yes, we agree… except that it’s also illegal to spit “upon the streets or sidewalks.”

3. Next time you’re in Thailand, watch your step, because walking on any currency is illegal. Why? Because the king’s face is on it & stepping on the king just isn’t acceptable, obviously.

4. Canada seems to have a similar obsession with its currency, but in the opposite way – you’re not allowed to use more than 25 pennies per transaction in any province.

5. Hate when people pop and snap their gum? Move to Singapore, where chewing gum is illegal. Trying to smuggle Bazooka into the country is not an offense that’s taken lightly, either.

6. Pack extra blankets and pillows if you’re traveling to Buenos Aires, because featherbeds are illegal. The “rationale” is that the more comfortable the bed, the more likely “lascivious feelings” will occur.

7. Anyone who’s looking for a quick way to quit smoking should head to Bhutan (a small Himalayan country). There’s a 100% tax on tobacco products at customs, smoking in public will get you fined & if you’re caught selling tobacco products, you could be thrown in prison.

8. Girls, if you’re going on a first date in Greece, you may have to wear flats instead of stilettos. The government bans shoes that could harm ancient monuments, high heels included.

9. This one may have been lost in translation, but according to the Huffington Post, you better put on your happy face while in Milan, because not smiling is an offense. If you’re attending a funeral or a hospital, though, you’re allowed to frown – seems reasonable.

10. This one takes the cake: in Sarpourenx, France, the mayor forbids residents to die. Here’s the ordinance he issued in ‘08: “All persons not having a plot in the cemetery & wishing to be buried in Sarpourenx are forbidden from dying in the parish.” What could the punishment be for dying, we wonder?


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