Dutchess Home Sales Are Soaring

According to Mid-Hudson News online, home sales in Dutchess County increased approximately 22% in July compared to the same month of last year. Closed home sales were 179 this July; last July, they were 147. According to the Mid-Hudson Multiple Listing Service, year-to-date, home sales have increased by 20% when compared to last year.

Mid-Hudson MLS’ Executive Director Sandy Tambone said that signs suggest that Dutchess County is experiencing a housing market about-face. “We are poised for a sustained increase in activity,” Tambone said.  “Our purchase offers remain high and stable, which reinforces the positive activity and it is likely that the equilibrium is in the offing as the supply and demand curves create a less fragile and more stable local real estate market.”

According to MidHudsonNews.com, “There is still a shortfall in the year-to-date median selling price of $240,000, or four percent lower, but that represents a ‘modest recovery’ from earlier this year where the differential was much greater…In March, the year-to-date median was off by over nine percent.”

Read the full article here: Dutchess Home Sales Up By Double Digits

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