3 Headlines We Love From Lawyers.com & Their “Weird News” File

Arkansas Hits Bob-Haired Teachers in the Pocketbook

Bob haircuts have been popular forever, but if you live in Arkansas and work as a teacher, it’s a crime to be stylish. If an educator dares to sport this apparently offensive hairstyle, they could be punished by not getting a pay raise.

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Fake Mustache Clowns Kept in Check in Alabama

Next time you walk into a church in Alabama, you better leave your fake mustache at the door – it’s a crime to wear one inside the sacred walls. What’s even stranger than the law itself is that there’s a free speech advocate gathering signatures on his online petition…despite the fact that this “no mustache” rule isn’t even enforced.

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Foodstock 6 is coming!!! 

In Glendale, Arizona, There’s No Going Back

Glendale, AZ, is the only U.S. community to prohibit driving in reverse. We’re not sure if that’s a good thing or not… It’s also unclear if all reversing is banned or just unruly reversing.

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