Using Images On Your Blog: Dos and Don’ts

Bloggers know that using images in posts is a great way to spark interest and break up lengthy paragraphs. Any ol’ image won’t do, though. Here are the dos and don’ts of image use to keep your website both interesting and law abiding.


…use images you’ve taken yourself. Or, if you’re not an amateur (or professional) photographer, search for images from public domain sites like Creative Commons or Wikimedia Commons.


I am a Creative Commons-licensed photo from Wikimedia Commons.

…resize all images larger than 600×400 px. If you don’t have computer software to do this, there are websites that let you perform basic photo editing for free.

…always properly credit the photo source, even if you’re using an image with a Creative Commons License. The easiest way to do this is to caption the image with either “Photograph by…” or “Photo courtesy of…”


I am an awesome photo of Dubai. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


…pull any image off any website and assume you can use it legally. Even if you accurately source the image, you can still be in breach of copyright law. (Get in trouble because you misused a photo? Were you the victim of copyright infringement? Contact Angelino Law today for copyright law information in Dutchess County, NY.)

…use low-quality images. If you’re resizing an image, make sure to do so proportionately.

…put an image at the bottom of the blog post, after the last chunk of text. Pictures are best placed toward the top of the post to attract and keep readers.

Like this. Don't do this.

Like this. Don’t do this.


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