2014 Is Here…and So Are Lots of New Laws

Sobering up from your wild New Year’s celebrations? Good – because you have brand new laws to adhere to throughout the country. These laws went into effect on January 1st and hopefully you haven’t broken any of them yet.


1. Colorado was the very first state to legalize recreational marijuana use, quickly followed by Washington. Illinois now has legal medical marijuana. If this is a topic that interests you, there’s going to be a ton of debate over it in 2014, starting with how a two-year-old wound up testing positive for pot in Longmont, CO.

2. Illinois may have said “yes” to marijuana, but they’re saying “no” to drones. A new law prohibits any drone use that could interfere with fishermen or hunters. This law’s on the heels of PETA asking for Air Angel drones to monitor hunters who may be engaging in illegal activity. Illinois also now prohibits law enforcement from gathering information via drones without a warrant.


3. Illinois isn’t finished – they recently instated a law that slaps a bigger fine on anyone who plans violent flash mobs on social media.

4. After giving birth to a child in Oregon, new mothers can no longer take their placentas home with them.

5. Shark fins can’t be sold, distributed or in possession anywhere in Delaware.

6. California didn’t mess around the year – they have approximately 800 news laws, including:

  • Transgender students are now allowed to use whichever restroom & play on whichever sports team matches the gender they identify with.
  • Breweries will refill growlers with beer, even if the growler isn’t from their specific brewery.
  • Distillers can offer tastings similar to how wineries and breweries do.

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